Experienced and qualified  Oil and Gas industry professionals are not easy to come across, T.A.H Trading Ltd has been serving the industry and has contacts with  well qualified personnel who are available at short notice. Our management understand your requirements because of their industry backgrounds. We assure you of competent and qualified professionals for your requirements.


T.A.H Trading Ltd can provide you complete Training services to keep your staff trained on the latest developments . We can arrange for you Training at your site or abroad in the Institute itself. We have pre – arranged major training service around the world specially , North Africa, Middle East and Asia.
Our aim is to support customers to keep them up-to-date, to identify the risks, which can only be achieved by building strong Workforce for which Professional training is a prerequisite:

  • Quality inspections training
  • Occupational Health & Safety Training
  • Procurement & Supply Chain Training
  • Finance management training
  • Project Management Trainings

Our Training services are not Limited to above  fields only , Our Experts can assist you to choose best training suitable to you according to your key requirements.

Engineering & Consulting

T.A.H Trading Ltd Ltd has been Providing Engineering & consultancy services across the world to different sectors of Industry Specially Oil & Gas. We can give you Engineering & Consultancy services from the planning stages right through to completion:

  • Business Consultancy
  • Technical Engineering & Consultancy
  • Project Consultancy
  • Sectors: Oil & Gas, Refineries , Exploration, construction


Our Construction services are substantial and we can assist you from the Procurement of Construction equipment through to site preparation.


T.A.H Trading Ltd are able to supply high quality Oilfield Equipment’s & Parts to the End users across the world. Based in UK, the Business Hub of the World We have excellent relationships with all major international equipment manufacturers in the Oil & Gas Industry which enables us to provide our customers with a reliable fast and efficient World-wide support service. We Provide internationally Recognized ISO and API Certified Products throughout the world, including North Africa, Middle East , Asia.

Why us?

“Capability |  T.A.H  services are designed to keep Customers up-to-date on the latest developments,and offer a highly professional, qualified workforce.

Technology | Our Expert teams always monitor the latest Evolving Technologies which are adapted to build a strong and reliable workforce.

Support | We are ready to Serve you round the clock 24/7. Customer Satisfaction is our basic Principle.”